Gamblin Gamblin Conservation 1/2 Pan

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Gamblin Conservation Colors, made by Robert Gamblin, are developed by conservation scientists and used in musea all over the world because of their excellent preformance. These colors are stable , reversible and suitable for many painting styles and techniques. Their innovative low molecular weight resin binder also makes Gamblin Conservation Colors safer to use for the conservator. The high refractive index of the resin leads to colors as saturated as oil colors. Because the aldehyde resin is soluble in solvents of low polarity, coservators can greatly lower exposure to strong solvents while retouching paintings. Colors will redissolve in mild solvents to help protect the original work. All the colors are lightfast. Only pigments of the hihest lightfastness are used (including modern substitutes for Alizarin Crimson, Indian Yellow and Brown Madder).
You can only buy Gamblin Conservation Colors in the webshop or in the Van Beek Art Supplies Shop on the Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam (near the Rijksmuseum).


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